Friday, November 04, 2011

Frischling Court Cases Continues! Back in Court Dec. 9!

The felony case continues! The last two hearings were tagged as "pre-trial" - is this case going to trial? Why won't this idiot take a deal?

This notification is brought to you by Connecticut Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) Program.

This e-mail is to inform you that there is an upcoming court event involving the defendant STEVEN FRISCHLING and docket number K10KCR110313446S.  A hearing has been scheduled for 12/9/2011.  Please be aware that there is often more than one case scheduled for a particular date in this court.  The hearing you may be involved in will take place some time during that day.

This will take place in GA 10 Courthouse, at the following address: 112 Broad Street, New London, CT 06320.

For updates about this case or for driving directions to the courthouse, you can visit  For more information, contact the Office of Victim Services at 1-(800) 822-8428 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4:30PM.  

This notification is sponsored by the Connecticut SAVIN Program.  It is our hope that this information has been helpful to you.

Thank you,

The VINE Service


  1. Awesome! I can only imagine that the prosecution has so much damning evidence against Fishdick that it does not want to let him get off too lightly with an easy plea. Here's hoping that the upcoming court event will rip him a new one.

  2. Frischling was caught red handed. The longer he drags it out and continues to lie, the worse it will be for him in the end.

  3. knowing Fish, he does not want to plea at all. He's so stupid he thinks he can still get away with this.

    Hopefully this case will cause the state to take a closer look at the Frischling-Seefeldt household. Not surprised to hear one of the kids is acting in a way that disturbed their teachers. Can you imagine what these poor kids are exposed to every day?

  4. Agreed FishFraud, this foot-dragging is just going to piss off the judge, who, as we all know, get's to determine his sentence. I just PRAY that the judge has Googled Frischling and found this site.... hell, His or Her Honor may be a regular poster on here by now.

    Your Honor, if you're reading this, PLEASE give Steven a long prison sentence and PLEASE, PLEASE release Steven's booking photo to the general public. I'd love to make a poster out of it... or maybe a t-shirt.

  5. Do you think the DA has been made aware of Frischling's plans to flee the country for Iran? I am sure they would be interested in that tidbit, considering he is out of prison on bond.

  6. I hope the DA will order a full evaluation of Frischling and take those poor kids out of that house. Obviously Mommy Dearest is doing nothing to protect them.

  7. "Flying With Fish
    @trvlinsalesgal I think my next seat is in two weeks ... 9A on a Dash 8
    7 hours ago"

    Won't it be difficult to fly anywhere after you were remanded to custody?
    Plus if you were an actual travel expert wouldn't you know, and not just "think", when your next travel dates would be?

    What a child.

  8. "Flying With Fish
    @ZachHonig @johnnyjet I've had a few @USAirways redeyes with really light loads in the past few months, room to take 3 seats & snooze.
    9 hours ago"

    Wouldn't that involve actual air travel?

  9. "Flying With Fish
    @flightwisdom Don't feel bad, I have no social life due to hours and kids :0)
    8 hours ago"

    No, you have no social life because everyone knows you are nothing but a useless liar and an alleged thief who does nothing but sit at home all day and send out useless tweets.


  10. He says he's had a "few" (meaning 3) redeye flights in the last few months aboard US Airways that had a light load. Well, you'd have to travel quite a bit for that equation to be true so that that would mean he's boarding a flight at least once a week.

    Can ANYONE here remember a SINGLE flight he's taken in the last 3 months on ANY airline, at ANY time?

    Trust me if he HAD taken a SINGLE flight he'd have Tweeted about it for a week prior to the day of the departure.

    On the day of the departure he would have Tweeted about:
    The traffic coming into the airport
    The status of the parking lot
    The "upgrades" at the check-in line
    The "morons" in the security line
    The fact that the TSA agents would have singled him out for his cameras
    The prices at the magazine stand
    The condition of the restrooms
    The inexperienced passengers in the gate area
    The bad photography in the in-flight magazine
    The reason he chose the EXACT seat number he's sitting in
    etc, etc, etc...

    There also would have been Facebook photos posted of him sitting in the gate area with his cameras spread around him and pretending to work feaverishly on his laptop (actually two laptops at once) like a busy little beaver SMACK DAB in the middle of the largest crowd he could find so that he could have the largest audience for his "I'm a globe trotting photojournalist" performance piece.

    This, of course, would ALL be repeated for his return flight.

    So again I'll ask: Can ANYONE remember a SINGLE flight in the last 3 months (or even 6 months)?

    Fictional flights to Iran do not count.

    You're a SAD SAD little punk Steven "No Flight" Frischling.

  11. Aside from some of the silliness posted here I have to wonder what kind of court system they have up there in Connecticut. I'm pretty familiar with court proceedings and I have never seen anyone able to prolong a minor case like this. It makes me wonder if the prosecutor knows what they're doing.

  12. 6:05. I don't think being charged with TWO felonies is a minor case. Probably the court calendar is overflowing and that accounts for some of the delays. Given that attorneys aren't cheap, don't you think Frischling would want to accept a plea bargain at this point? The only possessions he has left to sell are his laptops and iPad(s). The prosecution has to have a solid case if there hasn't been a plea bargain yet.

  13. On another note, it looks like our little friend AF is off his meds again with his latest post and "comments" over at ETB.

  14. found an old post on the nppa listserv where frischling whines about not getting paid for a job that he shot for a newspaper that he freelanced for. kind of reminds me of how he didn't fulfill his end of he deal on delivering wedding photos to a number of newlyweds.

  15. a fantastic frischling quote from the nppa listserv. I guess he has psychic abilities...

    "Welcome to photojournalism where the strong survive and the weak just
    seem to wither away."

  16. remember frischling's tales of being the pool photographer in the morgue the night of the twa crash and how he also made a boatload of money off the images. well, I found yet another account of his story about that night.

    here he says he offered one image to his wire service for $200 and some film. previous accounts have said he gave 5 to 6 images for $180.

  17. this just in...frischling claims to have photographed mother teresa when she was alive "with little media around in her enviroment, the
    human element."

    I have never once heard him talk about this or show any photos.

  18. I don't thing "Skyvan" is off his meds. If you look a the time stamps on the posts it's obvious he wrote them after coming home from a bar.

    Still waiting for that call from your lawyer(s) Andrew.

  19. Simply Amazing.
    Steven was making up stories about Mother Teresa FOURTEEN YEARS AGO.

    The guy wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and bit him in the ass.

  20. Funny how you can't find a SINGLE image of Mother Teresa anywhere on the web associated with Steven. Maybe the negatives are stored next to the morgue pool negatives over at AP in NY... images that are SO compelling that they've never seen the light of day. Funny how they're not in his portfolio either.

    PS: Steven, I'm not saying this because you're Jewish... I'm saying it because you're a liar.

  21. ^10:10 Then I guess we should offer up this:

    as a public service for the lad.

  22. Man, ETB is really sicko. Its like it was written by a bunch of whacked-out children during some med-induced bout of psychosis. Its really depressing.

  23. "skyvan Fielding
    Just read something saying I'm better off smoking marijuana than drinking alcohol with bipolar :/
    4 Nov"