Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Voices in Frischling's Head Are...

... Congressmen, apparently.


  1. Its not implausible that some intern with nothing better to do called Steven Frischling just to tell him that he's a douche bag.

  2. These pesky facts and figures always seem to trip up Mr. SmartTravelGuyAvGeek:

    "Flying With Fish
    @airport_girl @martysg Keep in mind that US$5 in 1922 is equal to US$73 now. So, yes, a plane ticket may have been $5, but a Coke isn't $73"

    Any CPI calculator will tell you that $5 in 1992 equals $8.09 in 2011.

    Promoting oneself with poorly delivered hyperbole as opposed to well presented facts doesn't seem like a productive SM strategy, but then again I am no expert in that sphere like Frischling.

  3. Let's not give Andrew and Sunny Volvo and ammunition. His Tweet said "1922" not "1992" but he's still a douche bag.

    Oh and Steven, I SWEAR I will post my name on here the MOMENT you produce a shred of evidence that someone on the House Committee on Homeland Security EVER contacted you seeking advice... oh wait, it's all classified right?

    Douche friggin' bag.

  4. ^9:49 Good catch but the CPI Inflation calculator still says $67.53 and not $73 so he still is inaccurate even if ^9:34 read the tweet wrong.

  5. Yes, they called. They wanted their $200 back.

  6. " Flying With Fish
    @studiosinead A few adults, yes. I had one parent tell me to dress him up anyway. Yes, let's force the autistic kid to do that for you ..."
    21 minutes ago

    Dear Dad,
    Thanks so much for sharing my disability with the Internet. You're the best!

  7. He should say "I'm too busy tweeting"

    The site tends to attract those with time, expendable income or jobs where they can furtively watch commercials in their cubicles, says Frischling, the industry blogger. He signed up for e-Miles a year ago at the suggestion of a friend. After examining the site, he calculated the hours he would need to log the 1,000 miles required for a promotion on his airline miles program. He took a connecting flight instead on his next trip to get the job done. "I've got three kids," he says. "I don't have time."

    See full article from DailyFinance:

  8. ^Did he take even one flight last year?

  9. I'm thinking he did fly last year, but 1/10th as much as he claims. I'll be generous and say there's some element of truth. Very generous.

    Oh, Friday's coming... :)

  10. His only flights? Flights of fancy

  11. His next flight:

  12. "Flying With Fish
    The Occupy Wall Street hand gestures really annoy me...and do any of these people have jobs? How are they affording food & cell phone bills?
    15 hours ago"

    Hello Pot? Kettle calling here...