Friday, December 09, 2011

You know what the problem is with people? They suck!

Poor wittle Stevie Fwischwing didn't get his way today in court, where he has been trying desperately to get out of the consequences of committing two felonies. A disposition hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 13.

His thoughts?

Yes, this is clearly the problem here. Other people suck. Why won't the State of Connecticut let Steven Frischling get away with larceny and forgery? Why won't his landlords let him just live at their homes and trash the property and not pay rent? Why won't airlines hire him to run their social media networks despite the fact that he has no skills, no intelligence, no successful work history and no ethics? Why does some mean blogger call him a liar for posting total fabrications online for 15+ years?

Because people suck.


  1. Steven,

    We're all rejoicing in your situation. Thank you. When you're locked up and sharing a cell with some mouth-breather you can pass the time by telling him all of your stories. Don't worry, he won't have internet and will not be able to confirm any of the details of your fanciful stories of globe-trotting war photography.

    Just know this: While you're locked up and not free to wash your ass without asking permission from a jail guard who likely never passed the 8th grade, we'll all be out here in the free world laughing our asses off at you. We'll be posting stuff about you that you won't be able to read and that's going to eat away at you.

    But guess what Steven? That's not even the best part. While you're locked up, you'll have no idea what that ugly little nurse of yours is likely going to be doing, and with whom she'll be doing it, and there's NOT A DAMN THING that you'll be able to do about it.

    You'll be locked up while the rest of us honest, working, respectable people enjoy our lives... and rejoice in the disaster that has become yours.

  2. Well he's dried his tears and is back to useless tweeting:

    "Flying With Fish
    Wow, a recent CATO Institute report shows that 108 House & Senate sub-committees have jurisdiction over the #DHS!
    19 minutes ago"

    This tweet is composed of a margin pullout from a 36 page three-month-old report to try and convince his followers that he actually has read and digested a well researched document that highlights historic waste and inefficiency which sadly typifies our gov't. these days.

    Here it is:

    so we can along read along and see how Steven Frischling will write nothing but bs tweets and blog posts about it.

    Me, I'd be worrying about next month's disposition hearing.

  3. someone call the wahmbulance. frischling is coding.

  4. Someone take him to McDonalds, get him a wahmbuger and some french cries.

  5. Well, at least he's on his meds.

    "skyvan Fielding
    I feel like a senior citizen. 12 pills a day.
    2 hours ago"

  6. Time wasting, I can imagine, but wishy washy, waffling? Who is he talking about? His lawyer?

  7. He's probably bashing his lawyer. Obviously it's his lawyer's fault that the case hasn't been dropped and that Frischling hasn't been awarded millions in compensation for malicious prosecution.

  8. "aviationblogs AviationBlogs Interesting RT @fishfraud: @aviationblogs @Airplanista @airliners_net @HangarChat @IndyTransponder FYI Read about @flyingwithfish here...
    51 minutes ago"

    Nice reach...ought to help the "career" of Steven Frischling

    Here's his lame comeback:

    "Flying With Fish
    @aviationblogs yea, anonymous stuff is always interesting ... have a question just ask.
    26 minutes ago"

    Please ask because we have the answers!

  9. Sure Frischling, made up stuff is always interesting too, until you screw up someone else's legitimate concerns.

  10. That's hilarious. He's had a zillion chances to answer questions! His best answer? He chose to leave that stuff behind him so there's nothing he can do about it.

  11. And if he doesn't like your question on his blog, he deletes it! (he's deleted several on mine, all with my name attached). Nice going Frischling.

  12. Wonder if any of the normal misguided souls who defended this clown have come to the realization that Steven lied up and down to their faces.

  13. I found this photo of Steve's White House press card. Is it legit?

  14. Too funny. Baby momma doesn't even mention SF on the description of herself on her website:

    susannah seefeldt
    some bits and pieces-

    Hi There, I'm Susannah. I am originally from Northern California but have lived in New England for a long time. I like reading, babies, kids,vespas,scarves,funky old houses, San Francisco, Jewish Boys, modern art, art nouveau, art deco, 1950's furniture, interior design,paul mccobb, the beach, old volvos, fiestaware, bauer pottery, tea, cafe lattes, chocolate,painting, bright colors, and adventures. When I'm not preoccupied, I like to treasure hunt in antique and junk stores with my best girlfriends. One day I would like to have a bright silver vintage Airstream trailer where some beautiful pink flamingos may live. I like Weimaraner dogs and Sighthounds, I have one of each. I also like learning new things and surrounding myself with smart and unique people who inspire me. I am an RN and find nursing to be very fufilling work. I have 3 wonderful children and some very cool friends.

  15. I hope that once Fish is in handcuffs that Susannah decides to take her kids and move back to California and start a new life and cut bait with our friend Fish.

  16. Oh how sweet, she loves Jewish boys.

    Too bad she doesn't love paying her rent or having a sanitary home for her three children.

  17. This blog is a disgrace. I found this through the above twitter mention. It's a joke to all that read it, or I hope it is. You claim to want to expose him professionally, but all it seems this blog and it's followers do is trash him personally by involving his wife and children and home life. What does any of that have to do with your claims?

    It seems like this blog must have been started by an ex love affair, because it's foolish, personal, and cruel. I sincerely hope no real professional takes this blog seriously!

  18. @5:08
    That is NOT a White House credential. That is a luggage tag that a former Reuters staffer in DC made to sell to photographers and reporters. Frischling would like all of his followers to think that it is a credential, but it is not. The White House press "hard card" press credential it very plain and only has a photo, name and "press" on the front.

  19. @5:42
    yes, many of the comments are a bit much, BUT, you cannot deny that the stories that Frischling has several variations of and outright contradictions doesn't say something about his credibility. he's a fraud. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

  20. That's a big leap to think the blog is by an ex lover, and, you've already mentioned it.

  21. @5:46
    I am not challenging the credibility you all wish to destroy (though, I don't understand why it's seemingly a hobby), whatever your gripe with him is is all with you. However, this blog is not about that. It's a personal attack on a man I doubt many of you even know. What does his children's diet have to do with lying? What does his appearance have to do with lying? What does his wife's profession have to do with lying? What does his lawn or dusty floor have to do with lying? And so on and so forth.

    Sure, call him a liar if thats what you're set out to prove. But don't hide behind a blog that sets out to expose a liar while fueling this raging personal attack. It's very transparent. That is why I said it seems like the blog owner is a woman scorned, because it's just a cover for a very sick stage act.

    That is how I feel. I am not Fish. I am a friend who actually enjoys him as a person and as a professional.

  22. ^5:42 ^5:55 Understand that most of what we do is re-post stories/blog entries/message board musings that Frischling, and sometimes the mother of his children, have already made public and then examine their veracity. If Frischling didn't tweet ad nauseum about his "family life" most of the commentors here would have ignored it. Understand that Frischling has insulted our various professions with his years of lies, deceits and bad behavior. Sure some of the payback may be a bit over the top, but the examinations into his misdeeds, some of which have led to felony criminal charges, deserve to aired. In my dealings with Frischling he has always been deceitful, disrespectful and unprofessional.

  23. As a long time follower of this blog, I used to go through cycles where I though it was wrong and unnecessarily mean. However, Fish continues to show no remorse for his acts and continues with the same behavior. The blog will continue to be crowd sourced as long as Fish provides the content.

  24. 5:42, 5:55:

    Trust me, you'll understand. It may take some time but you'll understand.

  25. 5:55 He is not a "professional" - but he has managed to convince a few gullible people that he is.

  26. Actually, 5:42, 5:55, now that I think about it. You're never going to get it because you likely ARE Steven Frischling.

    Your claim to be a "friend" of his is the tell. If he actually had a "friend", that "friend" would have known about the existence of this blog MONTHS ago.

    Nice try Steven... now go away.

  27. "That is how I feel. I am not Fish. I am a friend who actually enjoys him as a person and as a professional."
    I admire you for saying this. But I take issue with one part. "as a professional". I could actually give a rat's ass about his personal life. I actually don't even know if any of the shit about that on this blog is true....what I do know is he is a LIAR about the work he has "done" as a journalist. I am a journalist. he taints the field. he uses his claims as a "journalist" to swindle people. when you question him (as I have) he responds with mish mash verbal assaults...then labels you as an anti-semite. fuck that and fuck him. I have many jewish friends. just because I accuse the asshole of being a fraud he calls me anti-semitic? fuck him sideways. all that guy has EVER had to do is SHOW us proof of the supposed photos he has shot. iraq? 9/11? the plane crash? riots? the list goes on. you sir/madame should really re-think your "friends". okay. rant over.

  28. Attention ANYONE claiming to be Steven Frischling's friend: Please don't buy into his victimization of himself. Encourage him take responsibility for what he has done and turn his life around. Encourage him to seek mental help for his pathological lying and internet addiction. Encourage him to stop playing journalist/social media guru and get a job to take care of his family. That is being a friend.

    Second, Frischling had severe problems LONG before this blog showed up. It has nothing to do with his problems. Is it an embarrassment to him? Probably. Has this blog or any of its readers caused him to be evicted and sued repeatedly or arrested for two felonies? No.

  29. A few times this blog has asked why Fish's friends never come to his defense here. Then, when we do, we are just accused of being Fish! It's a lose lose battle. You all really ought to examine the criteria for which you base your Fish-imposter claims, because on this end it's discrediting. If you want a one sided conversation, then never again ask for Fish's "friends" to climb out of the woodworks.

    I know Steven as a goofy, always helpful, photo geek. He loves his kids, he's a bit quirky, but always super helpful. I am sure other experiences exist, I don't doubt that.

  30. @7:04
    What about the photos on his blog? Coast guard shots, 9/11 shots, great wedding shots, the president and Bono, London riots. I am sincerely asking here, what is wrong with all that? Why is that never factored in?

    I understand you need this blog. But why the smear campaign. Getting him fired from positions, contacting landlords or school teachers (or at least pushing for it). I a, genuinely asking. I just don't understand the goal perhaps.

  31. *i am genuinely asking.

  32. 7:45, we've never contacted his landlord. She contacted us.

    As far as getting him fired from positions, he's been fired from every job he's ever had. Which ones are you blaming on this blog?

  33. @7:04
    "he uses his claims as a "journalist" to swindle people."

    How? I have read the blog. I don't see an example of that. How do you hurt the field with supposed tall tales? Isn't that a system that would naturally expell someone like that, no harm to anyone?

    And, it's strange, the movie "Catch Me if You Can" glorifies behavior described here in this blog. Everyone regards that man as a genius. Who exactly is Fish hurting? Please don't say his're not pumping this out for his kid's sake.

  34. @7:48
    I recall an entry wherein everyone found out he was working for a car rental company. Immediately you rallied for everyone to write the higher-ups as though he was some physical danger to people. What real damage could have been done on some social media gig?

  35. I'll call myself FishFriend from now on to stop with the time stamps.

    I apologize if I seem combative above, I just want to clarify that because you're asking his friends to convince him to take responsibility for his actions, I need to understand how his actions actually hurt anyone. The brides I can understand. I am not arguing there. But as far as his new field goes, how has he hurt people?

  36. His descriptions of being in battle, riots, placing himself is danger, insult those that have actually been there and risked their lives. I have friends that have done so and been in positions to know if Steven Frischling was actually present at many of the places he claims to have been, and none of them know anything about Frischling having been there. He's lying and insulting their lives and work. He gives people advice about preparing themselves for these situations - potentially putting their lives at risk when in fact he doesn't know what he's talking about - he keeps opening his fat mouth only because he wants the attention from other professionals. I will not stand one moment for that bullshit.

  37. 7:53, we don't believe you are Steven Frischling. However, you need a serious reality check. Frank Abagnale (the inspiration for the move you mention) turned his life around and became a contributing member of society. Was he a genius to pull off all those cons? Yes. Did he get caught? Yes.

    Frischling is no genius and does not get away with cons. He is simply a pathological liar and a sociopath.

    And who is he hurting? How about all the brides and grooms who never got their images? What about the guy he stole money from (and got arrested for it)?

    And if you don't understand why a "journalist" fabricating quotes from TSA workers (for example) is hurting anyone, then you won't find company here. Get a clue.

  38. 7:53, lets start with the brides that NEVER received the pictures they paid for.

    Go back and read all the blog entries, starting with last year. You don't even need to read the comments, just the blog itself. Click the links provided to STEVEN'S OWN WORDS all over the internet. Reading what Steven has written over the years WILL change your tune.

    Read all 123 blog entries, and the supporting links. It will open your eyes.

  39. FishFriend, Frischling was arrested this year for felony forgery and IN RELATED TO "some social media gig!" National Car Rental had a right to know exactly who it was dealing with.

    You have not mentioned the criminal case against him. How will you excuse that?

  40. He advocates obliterating the chip inside passports by smashing it with a hammer. He's a genius.

  41. FishFraud,
    Understood. I see the motive for the rally now for the car agency. I don't condone it, but I see the connection.

    I don't excuse the criminal case. I don't know much at all, if anything, about it. It's never been a topic of discussion, and I see no clear explanation of it here. I assumed it was just another fire-everyone-up point because revenge is sought.
    That's the honest truth.

  42. or how about telling people that you can forge a TSA sticker to put on your computer batteries

  43. FishFriend, you seem like an intelligent and compassionate person. Out of curiosity, do you know Frischling in person or did you meet him online?

  44. FishFriend: You should read up on the criminal case. All the details are on this blog. You will know more about the kind of person that you choose to befriend.

  45. He actually made those stickers available to other photographers - all in an effort to bring attention to himself - when no photographer in their right mind would do such a thing. He lies so completely and totally about nearly everything he talks about with such total disregard for honoring facts that nothing he says can be believed. Is that the trademark of a journalist? He claims to be a journalist - how do you like having your opinion formed by someone who can't be trusted to tell the truth? Or worse, follow his advice into a hostile environment?

  46. FishFraud,
    I wouldn't want to leave you curious - I know him in person, but I mostly keep in touch with him online. I'd tell the story, but I'm afraid happy endings aren't what this audience is after. No offense.

  47. @battery stickers & passport smashing & war torn country gear advice.

    Unsettling, I'm not in that business, but, is that taken seriously? Smashing a passport. Would anyone really do that?

  48. FishFriend: We have no doubt that Steven Frischling has friends and supporters. However, most of them choose to ignore the facts. Its good to see that you are engaged in this blog and curious as what he is really about.

  49. What business do you have to be in not to understand how telling people it's okay to smash a passport is insanely stupid? The problem with Steven is that when backed into a corner, he'll say as a way out of the lie he's been caught in that he shouldn't be taken seriously. Then I have to ask, why has he been doing that for as many years as he's been claiming to be a professional? How long have you known him? Known him for longer than 1 year?

  50. Ok, I admit it. At first I thought FishFriend was Steven himself (I'm 6:56). I know realize that it cannot POSSIBLY be Steven because the poster appears to have a grasp on grammar and spelling.

    FishFriend: Steven is a liar, a fraud and a cheat. If, knowing that, you still chose to be friends with him then that's you business but I have a hard time believing that you're that close to him. I mean, seriously, if you were really "friends" you'd have known about this blog and you'd know more about the criminal case.

    It sounds like you're a casual internet friend. Seriously, now that you've found this site, read it. I mean really read it. Then see if you're popping on here calling us out for being mean.

    Look, ALL of Steven's problems were created by STEVEN FRISCHLING and STEVEN FRISCHLING alone. MAybe some of our posts are a bit personal and mean-spirited, but it is because we have watched your ass-clown "friend" make a mockery of our professions for years.

    If this blog serves to keep Steven from swindling brides or anybody else then this blog has served a very important purpose.

    I, for one, think that the person that runs this site is doing a pubic service.

    Oh, and if you think your "friend" Steven is worth defending then take a second look at those photos of that toilet and remember that CHILDREN lived in that house.

  51. I used to be Fish's friend and if this blog had popped up back then, I'm sad to say I would be acting just like FishFriend. Fish really can be entertaining in his own way. People really fall for his "I'm just a charming geek" act. But it's all an act.

    I really do believe FishFriend might have known Fish for years even, but it's all on the surface. When we point out why he's such a despicable person and challenge him/her to defend his actions, he/she runs off. Actually FishFriend CANNOT defend his actions, the best he/she can do is "who is he hurting?"

  52. Don't forget Frischling's young "fans" online who he loves to mentor (while charging them for it, of course). What kind of advice is he giving them about ethics?

  53. FishFriend
    Please do take some time to read some of the earlier posts in this blog. I for one am a photojournalist who has covered war and I am deeply disturbed that he has made a mockery of the few who risk their lives to cover overseas conflicts just to make himself seem important and that he is (or was) a respected member of the photojournalism community. Since you are his friend, maybe you should ask him to show you photos of all the things he claims that he has covered. The pool photos of coast guardsmen crying over bodies of dead passengers from a crashed twa flght the he says he made a years salary on in one night? where are those photos? what about pictures from on of his many trips to combat zones in iraq? being on a boat in the gulf with the coast guard and at the airport with richard branson don't count. there are a myriad of made up stories that he has no evidence to show us. not only that, but the stories change with the wind.

    did you know he has been shot 9 times?

    he also has a love for porn, but doesn't like to pay for it.

    he thought it would be a good idea to lie to the TSA

    a self-proclaimed aviation expert flat out lies about covering the coast guard

    and how about this one where he covered a hurricane. the only problem
    is he changed his story as many times as the category of hurricane

    so, as a professional journalist who has ethics and plays by the rules, his behavior is a black eye on my industry and that really pisses me off. I assume that other people in the wedding photography and travel industries feel the exact same way. he's a worthless human being who gets by on telling people what they want to hear and by making up his existence based on what will make himself seem important. yes, he has photos on his website of presidents and what not, so what. his pictures were horrible and were about the same level as someone in a high school photo class. he was able to swindle many editors once or twice, but once they realized he was a hack they usually cut ties with him. ask anyone in the industry. I won't even get into the fact that he burned several brides by not delivering their wedding photos. THEIR WEDDING PHOTOS!!! the most important day of their lives. what kind of person does that?

  54. "Ta-ta?" "Sick?" "Scorned ex love affair?"

    ehhhh. Too close to stuff we've heard before.

  55. Dear FishFriend,

    "Flying With Fish
    RT @BLGranucci: @flyingwithfish that's right, hot pink Hello Kitty duct tape!
    (My kid's iPod cord is wrapped in that!)
    5 hours ago"

    The parenthetical tweet is your bud Steven Frischling. So he can somehow afford to buy his kid an iPod but keeps getting evicted and can't provide proper housing for same. We don't search out the family but merely report how Frischling has this pathological need to relate to people on the internet in a way that points out what a horrible parent, among many other things, he has become. In other words, don't shoot the messenger.

  56. FishFriend,

    I for one am glad that your here. It's nice to have someone rational defending him, misguided though it may be. His other defender is a very disturbed person by his own admission. He knows he has problems, admits it (perhaps a little too publicly) and seems to be trying to do something about it. That's what Fish needs to be doing.

    Believe it or not, most of us just want him to get some help, stop lying, take care of his kids and get a job that isn't in journalism or social media.

    You ask who Fish is hurting.

    Well, lets start with the several wedding couples that he apparently cheated out of pictures of their wedding day. That hurts them and other wedding photographers that have to follow him.

    How about his son that according to Fish had his penis mutilated in a botched circumcision? Personally I believe that he is lying about that too, but what kind of father puts something like that out on the internet for everyone to see. I'll tell you what kind. The kind who craves attention more than protecting his kids. That's going to be great for that kid's mental health when his friends are old enough to find out about it on the world wide web and torture him.

    How about the person that he allegedly defrauded out of $20,000?

    How about the 1,000 or so journalists who were sent a picture of him masturbating from his email address? Many of us would like to dig that image out of our brains with a spoon if we could.

    How about the porn site that he apparently owes money to?

    That's just a few examples that come to mind.

    I can understand your concern about this blog being a witch hunt. I mean we all have a few skeletons in our closet, but this cat has as many as Arlington and they're expanding at the same rate. I see this blog as the same sort of public service as the Sex Offender Registry. People have every right to know who they're dealing with and who to stay clear of. We want to prevent anyone else from becoming a victim.

    After reading this blog, I just can't understand why you wouldn't run screaming into the night. I'm wondering what the demarcation line is for you? What would it take for you to not want to be friends with him? Does one of his kids need to be hit by a car while he's too busy tweeting to worry about their welfare? Does he need to kill someone? Or would you still just say "Well he's always been nice to me." A pickpocket will likely look you in the eye and smile while he is taking your wallet. That doesn't make him your friend.

    Most of us seriously believe that he is a sociopath and possibly delusional as well. I would be extremely careful around him if I were you.

  57. FishFriend: I'll chime in as another who is glad you're willing to at least try to reasonably present another point of view here. And I also believe that your tone has improved, somewhat, the overall tone of subsequent posts by others. Thank you for that.

    I'm one who has had direct professional interaction with Fish in the photojournalism industry. I've known people he's lied to and dealt unethically with since at least 2005. Now he's alleged by the State of Connecticut to have committed 2 felonies as a result of supposedly defrauding a company out of more than $20,000,

    If the courts convict him of fraud and larceny then I feel nothing more needs to be said on the subject. He will be a convicted felon, pure and simple. That will dog him the rest of his life. That's a scarlet letter none of us here could ever stamp upon him. And he will be fully deserving of everything that flows forth from being a convicted felon.

    Maybe our communities would benefit from a "Registered Fraud Offender Database" similar to a register sex offender registry? And please, the more zealous FishHaters among us, don't go off on some child molester or rapist tangent... I just think that consumers would benefit from an easily accessible online database of convicted, not alleged, fraud offenders. I know the BBB has something similar to that but I don't think it's something as easily searchable as a registered sex offender registry.

  58. 12:08

    I need to know more about this mass email of SF masturbating?!? What please explain!

  59. Could we please be accurate when describing the scope of the Steven Frischling criminal charges.
    From The Day:

    "As the lead consultant on the $22,000 project, Frischling entered into a verbal contract with Schonland in which he was to receive 75 percent, or $16,500, and Schonland was to get 25 percent, or $5,500.

    Schonland told investigators that Frischling altered the bank accounting routing information so that he received the entire $22,000."

    The amount in question is $5,500, not $20,000.


  60. Only $5,500? Gee, Steven is not a bad guy after all. (rolls eyes)

  61. ^7:43 Obviously it is still a felony perpetrated against a client without whom he would have most likely never landed a payday that in all probability is/was the biggest of his "SM consulting career". My point is that if this site is dedicated to excoriating Steven Frischling for his lies and his deceptive exaggerations then the posters here should be accurate themselves.

  62. "Flying With Fish
    @euanrphoto @dg28com The very idea that @CNN prefers free user content over professional content destroys credibility of the stories.
    1 hour ago"

    Talk about chutzpah. Most everything Steven Frischling writes is disseminated without him getting paid a penny. So much for HIS credibility.

  63. "Steven Frischling's Summary

    • Engaged in client side social media development and execution since 1994.
    • Co-authored groundbreaking global airline social media White Paper Report used by 50+
    • Created and executed global social media strategy for Europe’s largest airline
    • Extensive professional experience in journalism and media relations leading high profile emerging media initiatives for branded blog deployment and micro-blog content creation.
    • Experience collaborating with communications & marketing teams to execute social media campaigns and to create corporate visual marketing campaigns.
    • Created complete end-to-end emerging media strategies for global corporations.
    • Developed niche market strategies for interactive community growth and sustainability across a broad spectrum of industries including airline, aerospace, travel, photography and health care.
    • Established history of working independently while coping with extensive complex logistics."


  64. @6:30

    Many of the details of the masturbation picture have already been documented on this site, but I'll indulge the question.

    On Sept. 4, 1999 an email was sent to the National Press Photographers Listserv from fishfoto@HOTMAIL.COM. It was titled Steven Frischling and contained a photo attachment that depicted him sitting in a chair with a sizable Schwance in his hand and what appears to be semen on his arm.

    Many immediately responded. Here are a few examples that give a clear picture of how he was regarded by other photojournalists 12 years ago.

    "Thank you so very much for the wonderful photo that you felt the need to share with the entire group.  I can't speak for everybody on the list, but I know a LOT of us use our home computers to read the NPPA list.  Being a subscriber it comes to my home E-mail account.  My 11 year old daughter also uses this computer and E-mail.  Think long and hard about that.  She usually ignores the e-mail that is not to her.  Fortunately my wife opened your cute little e-mail while my daughter was not around.

    Grow up.

    You have been using e-mail and spouting about professionalism on this list for a long time.  You have just earned yourself a place at the top of my KILL FILE, where your future e-mails to the list will forever be moved
    immediately to my delete file and not read."

    Here is another response.

    I had to go to my kill file since he has long been the top filter in my
    email. I had to open the file just to see what bone headed thing he sent.
    I know I feel somewhat cheated as I received several files, only one of
    which opened. That one photo ended somewhat ...prematurely just below his collar. I can only imagine the contents below.

    And finally Steven's response.

    The photo sent from my hotmail account to the NPPA-L
    was NOT sent from, and is NOT of me, aside from the
    face in the photo. The photo is a Photoshop creation.
    Please stop sending me e-mails that say "You Are Sick."
    I have no explanation aside from a girl I have not dated in
    about three years is a computer hacker for a living and
    she has decided to make my life a living hell. While I do
    not really need to dignify this with a comment, I know in
    reality I do. I dislike my personal life entering my professional
    life, and it has.

    There are a few problems with his explanation not to mention it speaks volumes about the sort of people that he hangs out with.

    1. If his story is to be believed then why would a woman who was out to get him depict him with a large member? Wouldn't she want to show him with a little two incher?

    2. He painted himself into a corner with the admission that it is his face in photo and the rest is a Photoshop creation. If that's the case, then it's a picture of another photographer with Steven's face on it because in the background of the picture is a light table with film on it and beyond that is a darkroom where an enlarger can be seen. I've since come to find out that it was the darkroom of the newspaper that he was working at during that time.

    There are a few possibilities for what actually happened here. Either he was actually hacked and an authentic photo of him masturbating was sent out or he was trying to send it to someone else and he accidentally sent it to the NPPA-L or he sent it on purpose for the attention. In any case he's full of shit.

  65. That takes me back. But I remember the photo differently. It did not portray him in a generous light. In fact you really couldn't see much of his little fishy because his hand was wrapped around it and it was pointed at the camera. Also he clearly used a strobe because it captured his fish juice in mid air flying at the camera. It was revolting.

    And wasn't it in black and white for artistic effect?

  66. the best part about his excuse was his claim that his ex was a "professional hacker."

  67. 5:39

    No. It was in color and there isn't anything flying through the air, but it is all over him. Maybe he sent you a different one.

    It's amazing to me that ETB is slamming us for talking about this, but they seem to have no problem with him committing that act in his place of business or sending the picture to 1,000 people.