Friday, November 26, 2010

Open Letter to Steven E. Frischling (from a heartbroken bride)

This is so heartbreaking.

You photographed our wedding on March 8, 2008.  
We had a signed contract with you and we paid you in full 3 weeks before the wedding date.  We upheld our end of the contract to the letter.
Within a month of our wedding, you sent us a link to your blog, posted with 50 images from our wedding day.
As per said contract, all that remained then of what you owed us are a “set of DVDs w/ edited and raw images”.  This was due 12 weeks from the date of the wedding, which was May 31, 2008.  It is now June 11, 2009.  We have just passed our one year and 3 month anniversary.
In April 2008, we were understanding when you said your computer crashed and was sent to Apple to be fixed.  In June 2008, we were sympathetic when your wife notified us of your injuries and subsequent surgery.  In August 2008, we noticed your increasing success with your 'Flying with Fish' blog and Travel Strategist business and offered our congratulations, but were puzzled as to how you found time to keep on top of things when your surgery was scheduled for August 26, 2008. 
You were generally unresponsive to our emails and stopped responding altogether after August 22, 2008.  Messages left at your numerous phone numbers were unacknowledged.  Our main concern was that the images were somehow lost, yet you couldn't even be upfront about that.
In October 2008, your "office assistant" Chad Kupp contacted us claiming to have been hired to help you get through your backlog, a result of your injuries.  Yet even he stopped responding, his last email to us dated October 30, 2008.
In January 2009, you "un-friended" us on Facebook.
Throughout our correspondence, you promised us the following as compensation for the delays, which were not included in our original signed contract: free 8x10 leather covered album with 50 images, and archival 8x10 prints of those same 50 images.
We challenge you to refute any of the above, since you have done that with at least two other brides, Kara Lee and Shaunelle Roberson.
By the way, if you are truly a professional, would not our wedding images have been backed up on secondary storage?  If so, your first excuse of your computer crashing is unacceptable.  You could have easily fulfilled your contract by simply burning the DVDs with the images from your backup storage and mailing it to us.  Instead, you have seemingly chosen to tarnish our wedding with memories of the "photographer who flaked on us".
Again, this is unacceptable, and a poor way to treat people, especially on what is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives.
Jasmine & Jeremy
 Posted 6/11/2009 5:47 PM

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