Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Faux blogger Steven Frischling brags he carries knives on planes all the time! HAH!

Steven in his dreams
Firstly, he has not responded to any of our challenges to verify very simple claims (big surprise), like the name of the hospital where on Thanksgiving he supposedly heroically removed his own IV and walked out. He claims on Twitter he addressed everything we said but in actuality did not address any of it. Check for yourself.

Secondly, he just bragged that he flies with a knife in his carry-on bag and so do thousands of others "on a regular basis" - highly dubious!!!!

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
@fotodave Oh ... you can. Keep in mind I fly with a knife and so do thousands of other people on a regular basis in our carry on

What kind of moron would try to bring a knife on a plane these days? What purpose does this serve and why does "a travel strategist" need a knife anyway? You can bring one in your checked luggage. You cannot, repeat, cannot bring anything in your carry on beyond a plastic or maybe a butter knife on a plane. (Google "can you carry a knife on a plane" or see http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5065786 or "Man charged with trying to bring knife onto plane"). If there is a way you can legally bring a knife in your carry on then please tell us how because every search we've found indicates you cannot. And, why does he claim there are "thousands" of other idiots even trying?

(And yes we've also made a screenshot of this tweet in case he tries to delete it.)

Update: FishTard obviously reads our blog as he responded on Twitter and pointed this article of his: http://boardingarea.com/blogs/flyingwithfish/2010/02/12/travel-essentials-swisstech-utili-key/ about flying with a miniknife disguised as a key. 

First, we asked how someone can LEGALLY travel with a knife. In that blog he even admits it's not allowed, and several people comment that TSA is hip to that and confiscated theirs. If TSA is aware of this scam and checking keys for the Swisstech, this is further proof FishTick does not fly as frequently as he boasts. Especially after he bragged about it online (or maybe nobody at TSA reads his stupid blog because they know he's no frequent flier).

Secondly, why does Frischling refuse to answer our simple truth challenges? This entire blog is devoted to exposing him as a pathological liar. If he really wanted to discredit us, then he would take the two seconds to answer those simple questions whose answer ANYONE can easily verify. His silence is proof he's a phony.

We ask again: 
Where were you an EMT, as you said you were in 2007?
Which hospital's "Critical Care Unit" were you in on Thanksgiving, as you claimed on Twitter, where you supposedly removed your own IV and walked out?

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