Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steven's pathetic tweets #idiot

First, I have received several interesting emails that unfortunately can't be posted as of yet, as they deal with ongoing investigations against Steven Frischling. And they have nothing to do with his wedding photography fraud. This guy is in serious trouble.

But the main point of this post is to laugh at how Steven is trying to defend himself via Twitter and doing a terrible job at it. Let's take a look at it. (We've taken screenshots of everything in case he tries to delete the tweets later and claim he never said that.)

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
I think my hater is I think this is aviation security related.They mention weddings but attack my TSA coverage & a photo biz that isn't mine

Hah, we're not related to aviation security. But fortunately we now have the attention of some people in that industry, many of whom found you "fishy" to begin with.

Secondly, Shoreline Photography IS your photography business. How can you claim it's not when 1) You registered the domain name 2) it has an identical template to your own website at 3) Who is this supposed award-winning photographer describing if not you, and if the photographer is so great, why isn't he named? and 3) some of the photos are of your own children. You are disgusting.

Would you like us to contact Connecticut's Secretary of State's office to determine exactly who is associated with Shoreline Photography?

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
Is it funny or sad that many of the comments quoted on the Fish-Hater blog are unnamed? Unnamed is easy ... since they can't be verified

That's why we're posting links to court cases, which can be verified. People have sued you for breach of contract. Additionally, we found these court cases because Connecticut and New York offer public searches available online for free. Vermont, Rhode Island etc don't offer this service. How many lawsuits against you are in their systems?

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
@jbernie No, I am pretty sure nothing on that site related to airlines & security ... but that image they have violates my copyright

Our linking to a photo on your own site is your only legitimate complaint? How about we use this photo to represent your stank instead?

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
@FishFraud The address listed for that web address is not one I live at ... and I left the WPJA in 2007. Nice detective work!

It's the same, identical address listed for your personal website. (Though it's definitely probable you were evicted since then!) And you left the WPJA? Or you were thrown out?

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
@FishFraud Also leaves out the positive reviews on Yelp & that my positives come from more consistent users than the 30+ fake negatives

As noted repeatedly, the positive reviews on Yelp are suspicious and all come from accounts opened around the time of posting and most don't review anything else. (Signs you planted them.)

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
@FishFraud wants to call me out that I did poorly in the wedding photo business & yes, I did.My work flow was flawed & caused major problems

You've done poorly in all your business endeavors. You have no long-term clients and have been unable to sustain consistent employment. Additionally, you've been ejected from professional organizations and sued for fraud.

You claim to be a professional, "globe trotting" photographer, yet you admit your "work flow was flawed & caused major problems." How professional can you be if you can't even shoot weddings? You have weeks or even months to turn the job around. What is so hard about it? What did you find so challenging? At the end, some people didn't even care if you made them the nice book you promised. They were simply begging for their raw images on CDs and they would have left you alone if they had gotten even that.

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
@thewinchesterau This person leaves out all the positive reviews & cites one negative review area where I publicly proved the review wrong

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
@thewinchesterau In the review I proved wrong,citing the bride's own blog, turned out someone else posted the review using the bride's name

This is so stupid. You never proved any review wrong, yet now you claim the review was posted unbeknownst to the actual bride, by someone posing as her? Do you think everyone is as stupid as you are?

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
@thewinchesterau I had a disagreement with 3 brides who found each other on The Knot who created 30+ fake names for Yelp reviews

That is ridiculous. Who, looking at the evidence, would believe such a story? That a mere three unhappy brides would conspire to take down your professional reputation? I don't see these people conspiring to take down their caterer or the people who delivered their flowers. This is highly implausible.

The truth about your reviews on Yelp is exactly what it appears to be: heartbroken brides who are angry because they were defrauded by a con man who took their money and never delivered their photos. These reviews are backed up by the evidence in your court cases (including failures to appear on your part) and the solid F rating you have from the Better Business Bureau.

flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
@user47 Would you vote for me?I wouldn't! It's convenient those I sued were left out as were the positive reviews. Oh well

False. We included the links to the cases in which you brought suit, and noted they were dismissed. And stop mentioning the positive reviews because nobody buys them.

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