Friday, November 26, 2010 Steven is an idiot who won't shut up

These are two of the funniest reviews from very angry brides. They're funny only because anyone who has ever worked with Steven knows how true they are. This jackass never shuts up!

0.7 out of 5.0

I could have probably written the previous review because we had the SAME exact PROBLEMS with this photographer. DO NOT USE HIM. He was annoying and in your face talking about himself the whole time. Everyone around me couldn't stand him, and my hairdresser still brings it up every time I go to get my hair done. After the wedding, I called him to see if I could add a parent's album to my package, which he agreed to. I called him one more time to see how he wanted me to pay for it, and I haven't been able to get in touch with him. He has three different phone numbers, and numerous emails. I finally had to get a lawyer involved, and still wasn't able to get my album, which was a large portion of the cost. I have to put a large deposit down to bring the matter to court, and don't know if it is worth it at this point, except to let him not get away with this. In the end, I received the raw photo images and the photos in the mail a year later, and still haven't received the wedding album. It's a horrible feeling to look back at your wedding photos and have an automatic angry feeling when you look at them, when that day is supposed to be filled with good memories.

1.6 out of 5.0

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Working with Steven was a disaster! The original photojournalist we had hired went on assignment in Iraq a few months before our wedding and was shot twice by a sniper- obviously, had to cancel his bookings for that summer while he was in the hospital recuperating! With only two months until our wedding, we scrambled to find someone who was not already booked. The only person we found was Steven.

Truth be told, his portfolio speaks for itself; he is a very talented photojournalist, but he is anything but professional! His price was ridiculous, but it included the engagement pictures, and some on the night of the rehearsal dinner (so that we and our party would be comfortable around him the following day), so we were willing to pay (and what other choice did we have with 8 weeks to go!). There are several huge problems with Steven. The first is that he just doesn't shut up! He told us when we interviewed him that he was a "behind the scenes" guy and that we "wouldn't even know he was there". WRONG! I was sitting with my bridesmaids having lunch the day of the wedding, and he would interrupt every 30 seconds with his two cents. It was so uncomfortable! And I knew if I said anything, I would risk the quality of my pictures. He consistently talked/interrupted when talking with my family, getting ready, and when my husband and I were riding in the limo from the wedding to the reception. That is supposed to be a time that you spend together cherishing what you just accomplished, and this whacko in the front won't shut up!

The second has to do with his false promises. Steven boasts on his website that you have him for the full 24 hours the day of the wedding. He sold us on the fact that he would be returning to the hotel with us for the afterparty to get a few shots of us with our friends. It didn't happen- Steven asked my husband at 11 o'clock if he could go home! Who does that???? Also, the morning of the wedding, Steven called my husband-to-be to ask for a ride from the reception to my house so that he could park his car there and ride with us from the wedding to the reception. That should have been his responsibility and something he should have thought of a little earlier than the morning of our wedding. One of our groomsman took a hit for the team and drove him the 20 miles, listening to him talk the entire time... we still owe him!

Lastly, and most importantly, we were not able to contact Steven after the wedding. He has 4 phone numbers and 3 email addresses- is he running from someone? I finally was able to track down his home number and speak to his wife! The prints and DVD's containing our pictures were supposed to be delivered within one month to our home. The DVD's showed up 5 months later and the prints 14 MONTHS LATER! I can't tell you how many phone calls were made to all of his numbers and how many emails went out to him. It wasn't until our lawyer sent him a letter than he finally sent them.

While the quality of his photos are amazing, anyone can do the same with the right equipment. This man should not be trusted to photograph one of the best days of your life. He is extremely unprofessional and will give you more headaches. He is not worth the money!

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