Monday, November 29, 2010

Steven the lifesaving hero?! (BS challenge No. 3)

Didn't intend to blog so much but the funniest emails keep coming in with more tall tales. Check out this hilarious blog from a young/dumb photographer who had the amazing "opportunity" of spending the day with Steven in 2007.  She clearly buys everything he told her, which apparently included his tales of photographing for newspapers at age 11 on his bicycle and working as an an emergency medical technician (unsure if it this was also at age 11 and on a bike)!!!

She mentions "Steven's fearlessness as a former journalist (and EMT)..." (from Not So Still Life Photography blog)

So in addition to being a "globe trotting" award-winning photographer and fearless journalist, he's also a lifesaving EMT! He's practically a super hero! Holy stink, Fishman!

(Also hilarious are that the only comments on the blog over the past three years are from brides he defrauded and someone else who said he's a liar.)

So Steven, in which state were you an EMT? There is education, training, testing and certification required - they don't let just any idiot ride around on ambulances (which is why we're sure you never did).

Even if your imaginary EMT certification has expired, you would still be on record as once having a license. Which state was it? (More like, which planet?)

Fish challenge No. 3: We challenge you to tell us which state(s) you worked (or were certified) as an EMT.

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  1. He won awards? How about listing these?