Sunday, November 28, 2010

Public challenge to Steven Frischling: Prove you're not a fraud

@flyingwithfish Flying With Fish
For those asking about what is going on, read my last 40 tweets. I need to get back to work, since my TSA coverage hasn't been challenged

Yes we ARE challenging it. You make up almost everything. You live in a fantasy world of your own creation.

Our first two challenges:

1) You claim to have racked up more than 1 million miles. We challenge you to back that up with evidence.

2) You claim to have been in the Critical Care Unit of an unnamed hospital over Thanksgiving. You claimed you oh-so-bravely removed your own IV and left because they were taking too to find your "discharge papers." We challenge you to back that up with evidence. What was the name of the hospital?

Most likely you will refuse to produce evidence on grounds of personal privacy. If so, we will then challenge the people at Boarding Area, where your blog lives, and suggest they ask for their own proof to validate anything you have ever written.

I bet 99 percent of it can't be verified. Steven Frischling is the Stephen Glass of travel blogging: A seemingly charming guy who spins entertaining stories that seem valid on the surface, but are in reality, wild exaggerations or outright fabrications.

But even that comparison is unfair to Stephen Glass, who actually graduated from UPenn and was employed full-time at a prestigious publication. Steven Frischling never graduated from anything and his professional claim to fame is having an internet blog and a Twitter account (so prestigious).

UPDATE: Silence from Steven on this simple challenge to verify one recent Tweet, though he continues to Tweet about this blog every six minutes. Surely he would at least say the name of the hospital he claims he was in, but he won't because he fears anyone can call and find out he was never admitted and made the whole story up. Anyone can call a hospital and find out what someone's general condition is (eg critical, fair, treated and released) by providing first and last name. His silence proves he's a liar.


  1. Looks like the TSA bashers are now taking target at Steve because he takes a fair and balanced approach to his reporting. If you are not totally with them then you are against them. Nothing unusual with the bashers hiding behind a keyboard.

  2. Kevin, this blog has nothing to do with the TSA. Although I hope someone there will contribute. Surely someone there could get access and find out his claims to fly all over are not true.